What I do to maintain my home

Maintaining your home is super important to do on a regular basis. Below I will list of variety of things that I think will help everyone follow, they can help extend the life of your home, appliances,paint, insulation, and many more benefits.


In the winter it is a good habit to get into to and have your furnace’s regularly checked by professional contractors. Winter is a good time also to have the pipes and chimneys check and swept for any dirt or build up. Make sure to always check around your appliances for gas smells or if the wiring is cut anywhere. If your home is cold it might be a good idea to check the insulation. An affordable way to go is the technology of spray foam insulation. It is durable and very affordable and is usually installed in a single day.


This is the best time of year to take a look at your homes lighting. Check all the fixtures and balbs in and out of your homes. Might want to consider hiring an ac specialist this time of year to do a general check up on your homes ac for the coming summer seasons. Most people love this time of year cause they start maintaining the outside of there homes. They trim trees and plant new flowers and gardens to be ready for the summer season.


Have a heating professional check your heating system every year before the winter season. It is important to do this because if not done and you start looking for a local contractor in the winter you will probably end up paying almost double the price as they are usually fully booked in the winter. You should check all the vents for dust and hire a professional to come clean out the duct system around the house.  the eastrophes of a house are something totally overlooked here and can cause damage to the pipes in the house if they are not cleaned out in the fall. In the video below you will see some maintenance tips on keep your home up to par throughout the year.