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Choosing an Interior and Exterior Stucco Contractor

It is so unlikely that when your project of home improvement requires a stucco contractor in Toronto, you will have the name and number of any contractor stored in your phone. This may be due to the fact that stucco contractors are very rarely needed, bringing about the problem of finding someone with a good reputation. Performing a quick search might yield a good number of contractors from which you must choose one. You will definitely have your criteria for choosing, which you must follow if you are to make a decision that is comfortable and informed.
It is prudent that you invest some time to do a little bit of research before you settle on any contractor. You can start by obtaining a few written estimates from different stucco companies. This may be a tedious process, but it will be worth it in the long run. Furthermore, you don’t wish to invest your money twice on the same job. Any contractor that doesn’t offer the honor your request for the written estimates should definitely not be among your choices. Once you have your list to probable contractors, obtain the following information;

Get to know how many years the contractor has been working to gauge the experience level. The more the experience, the better.
Contact information
Make sure that you verify all the contact information. That include the phone numbers and business address. You want to have a contractor who you can have access to easily.
Check the insurance of the contractor and ensure that it is valid and up-to-date. That should be for both liability coverage and the workplace insurance.
Personal property
Find out the details of the process they will use to clean up and protect your personal property
While the project is being undertaken.
Get a clarification of all inspections, exceptions and warranties related to labor and material.
Performance quality
You can get references from the previous clients of your potential contractor. Find out more about how good their job was and if they would recommend the same contractor to another person.
You also need to know everything in relation to terms and methods of payment. This should generally be within the written estimate offered but if it is not there, do not hesitate to ask.
These guidelines together with your selection criteria should ensure that you end up with a great contractor for you project. A good company to get you started if your in the Toronto area is Toronto Stucco & Stone.