Different types of commercial roofs

There are mostly Tyree different main components in commercial roofing systems:

  • surfacing- this component is the protector from weather, sunlight and generally weatherproofing and reinforcement. These also come with other benefits such as an improvement in hail and fire resistance and solar reflectivity.
  • weatherproofing layer – this can be hailed as the most important as it is the element that will keep moisture from entering the roofing system.
  • reinforcement- this ads stability , puncture resistance and a general strength to a membrane.

There are five different types of commercial roofs you can consider is you are building a new roof or replacing an existing one.

Green Roofs

In the past few years, green roofs have had the biggest influx of installation of all the roofing systems out there. These roofing systems are normally flat and are completely or partially covered by plants and vegetation over a waterproof membrane. Green roofs significantly improve the insulation value of a roof, while minimizing the build up of heat by soaking up the suns rays into the greenery on the roof. These systems extend the life of the roof up to three times longer, and this saves on air conditioning costs.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) System

flat roofs, metal roofs, EPDM roofsAs the name suggests, these systems are the more traditional way of building arrow and it usually entails layers of sheets that have different functions such as base and interplay sheet and theres usually a c scubas a gravel of possibly a different type of coating.

Asphalt technologies have been at work in this industry since the 70’s and three are a few types used.  SBS styrene-butadiene-styrene and APP or atactic polypropylene both offer asphalt with a rubber or plastic characteristic when cured. These are a definite improvement in performance for the asphalt. When combined with reinforcements, such as fiber glass and polyester, the form an extremely high performing membrane for a roof.

APP’s are membrane that adhere to a roof using a torch. SBS can also be setup where they can be installed using a torch, however they usually are applied with a modified cold adhesive, or a hot asphalt. Whatever the angle of approach, what you end up with is a BUR system that has ecceptional capabilities in performance. Technologies continue to advance and there are self adhering SBS membranes as well.


These roofing systems also known as TPO’s are increasing in popularity for flat roofing Toronto. These are extremely durable materials that have an extreme tolerance of temperature, chemical exposure, ozone  and ultraviolet. These roofs have long lifespans and are also highly fire resistant.


Many people are shifting to sustainable/reusable energy as costs are continuing to rise, and for this reason solar energy is being harnessed more than ever. Photovoltaic panes are installed on a roof top and absorb the suns rays which convert that into energy for the building. Initial costs are high, but they do pay for themselves after an allotted time.


These systems are one of the longest lasting roofs available on the market. They are extremely versatile and durable. Generally they are very easy to instal and maintain as well.

These are all great choices for any commercial application. When choosing which to go with, finished appearance, site access, structural load, desired warranty and other criteria should be considered.

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The cost of wildlife control in Toronto

The only way to get a rough estimate would be over the phone, but read on further to get a better idea about how pricing works. Most people want to have a cut and dry pricing, but as many other industries, it’s not that simple. Wildlife control has many factors that affect the pricing, type of animal, the specific problems they are causing, damage inflicted, the number of animals, what kind of building is jeopardized , all of these are factors that affect the cost. So the best option would be to call and get a rough estimate over the phone, after you describe what’s going on you’ll get a more accurate response. Ultimately however, if it’s a complex job, the final price can only be quoted after a full inspection of the situation has been completed.

As with anything, not all wildlife companies are the same, and this is important to know. Be sure that whoever you decide to use, that you go with the company that guarantees a permanent solution. You can of course opt for a cheaper solution, such as poisoning, simple ground trapping where addressing home repairs and prevention aren’t taken into account, but the problem will forever continue. When done correctly, you should never have to address the problem again. Be aware that if you don’t address the problem, it could end up being more costly- animals damage the home, the longer you prolong addressing the situation, the worse the damage can become.

Here are some ballpark figures, as we said before, a more solid number could be quoted over the phone after a description of what the situation is exactly.

•    Dead Animal Removal: The carcass must be found, and this usually entails a lot of crawling through attics, under house etc. Many times, the carcass has to be cut out of the wall, and then the area has to be repaired. Cleanup should always be part of the job. These jobs can start at $200

•    Rodents In a Building: Is a complex situation, where all entry points into the building have to be shut with steel, otherwise the problem will never be permanently solved. Mice and rats can chew into many materials and very small holes, including roof pipes and plumbing lines. To get rid of all of them, they have to be trapped and removed, and this can take multiple service visits. There can also be a cleaning required afterward, this job can start at $370 and up.

•    Raccoons: This is usually a complex case as it usually involves a momma and her litter of babies. The mother has to be trapped, and the new of baby racoons must be removed. This normally requires multiple service visits. Repairs are often extensive as the entry holes must be found. Damage to insulation and ducts may be necessary also the attic might need to be cleaned. Racoons usually start at $400 and up for a complete permanent solution.

•    Ground Trapping: This is a much simpler job. If you need problematic wildlife trapped and removed, you’ll probably get charged a service call visit in which the company will come and set up traps on your property. The traps need simple monitoring, when animals do get trapped, they’ll be removed and relocated accordingly, or euthanized if the municipality calls for it. A simpler job such as this one does require several service visit and the animal has to be dealt with after it’s been trapped. Jobs like this start at $260 and up.

•    Other Animals: A single service job, such as a  possum stuck in a garage, or a snake removal is the easiest and simplest of all, and these jobs start at $130. A very fairly prices company that deals with wildlife control Toronto is Local Pest Pros

These were just several examples, there are many more situations possible. Prices vary considerably depending on the type of job, but this is just a rough estimate. Again, your best bet to a more accurate estimate would be to call a wildlife control company. Hiring a capable technician in any industry isn’t cheap. That is true for electricians, plumbers and other advanced specialty trades in fields such as problematic wildlife removal. Following are some specific considerations for problem wildlife control professionals:

•    Equipment: Every technician should have truck with ladders, helmets and lots of traps varying in size, as well as tools. Also included are snake tongs, snare poles and excluder funnels.
•    Risks and Dangers: Because of the hard to reach places, this is a dangerous job considering. Lots of ladders work, on roofs etc. Also the handling of wild animals can have its risks, be it transmitting disease or blood being drawn from a bite.
•    Certification and Licensing: Wildlife removal is regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, as well as other departments of agriculture.
•    Liabilities and Insurance: Wildlife control companies all carry insurance to protect themselves and you from possible accidents or damage inflicted while dealing with risky moves like climbing roofs, unpredictable wildlife etc.

Wildlife control is a highly specialized field, it is subject to various provincial and federal laws. It is
More costly to hire a shoddy company or to procrastinate/not do anything at all.

10 Fall Home Improvement Tips

Now that summer gear has been stowed away, it’s time to focus on fall home improvement projects. According to Vicki Payne, host of the For Your Home with Vicki Payne television show, autumn is the key time to evaluate your home exterior and prepare it for the harsh winter months ahead.

“With cooler fall weather comes the realization that your home will soon experience cold, snowy weather,” says Payne, a nationally recognized home improvement expert on the country’s longest running home and garden television show. “To get your house ready, start by giving your exterior a thorough review. Everything should be checked, cleaned up and made ready to handle Mother Nature when she comes blowing in within the next few months.”

Payne recommends this checklist for exterior fall home improvement projects:

  1. Evaluate your roof. Look for missing or loose shingles, deterioration of asphalt shingles along with mold, algae or splitting of real wood shingles. If the roof is in poor shape, consider upgrading to a synthetic roof, like those from DaVinci Roofscapes®. The composite shake and slate products resist fire, impact, high winds, insects and mold, making them an ideal long-term investment for a home.
  2. Clean your gutters. Get leaves and gunk out now so that gutters won’t get backed up, clogged and frozen in the winter, causing ice formations. Gutters should be securely attached to the home and sloped for proper drainage. Also check to make sure all downspouts are clean and connected.

For the rest of the list and the full article make sure to check it out here:



Here are the steps you need to take if your home is flooded

Damage caused by flood water is one of the biggest headaches that a homeowner might have to deal with, and if the repair job is not done properly, the headache can be endless. This is why you should really consider hiring an orange county water damage company. This article seeks to give you some guidelines on how to minimize the damage and return to normalcy as quickly as possible.

The liquid involved in the damage can be classified into three categories;

Category 1

Clean liquid coming from a sanitary source such as drinking fountains, faucets, and toilet tanks falls under this category. If not addressed quickly category one can easily degenerate into category two.

Category 2

This is water that has a level of contamination that, if ingested, may cause discomfort or illness. Examples include dishwasher overflows, water from sink drains and washing machine overflow.

Category 3

This category is grossly unsanitary and is the worst classification. If ingested, it can cause serious illness or even death. Sewer backup, toilet overflow (with feces), stagnant liquid with bacteria and flooding from rivers fall under this category.

water damage repair

Steps to take in case of home water damage:

  • Clear your mind by remaining calm.
  • Shut the main source of water to stop the flooding.
  • Shut down any source of electricity and remove electrical devices from the flooded area.
  • Protect the legs of any furniture in contact with the water with nylon paper or aluminum foil to avoid permanent staining.
  • Remove fabrics, books, papers, shoes or any other item that may stain the wet carpet.
  • Lift curtains and any draperies from the water.
  • Call emergency services.

Avoid the following in case of home water damage:

  • Using the house vacuum as this can result in electrical shock or damage to the appliance.
  • Placing newspapers in walking areas can lead to the newspaper ink spreading to the wet carpet and thus permanent staining.
  • Walking on the carpet too much can lead to the damage spreading even further to unaffected areas.

Mold Hazards

A building that has been damaged by water requires special attention to avoid a mold explosion. If not attended to, mold can lead to damage of property in addition to numerous health risks.

Preventing mold growth

  1. Remove any wet insulation straight away. Items like wallboards even when they appear to be dry can stay wet for a long time leading to unhealthy hidden mold.
  2. Do not reuse any flooded padding.
  3. Use professional cleaners to clean and dry the salvaged carpets.
  4. Use non-phosphate detergents to clean up- phosphate residue is food for bacteria and should be avoided.
  5. By any means necessary, quicken the drying up of slabs, subfloors and wall framing. Dehumidifying blowers can help quicken the drying.
  6. Avoid the use of vinyl wallpaper, hardboard paneling or any interior finishes that might prevent drying on the inside.

Mold alert

It is important to stay on the look-out for signs of new mold growing even after the clean-up. Should mold return repeat cleaning and consider the use of drying equipment?


From a broken pipe to excess rain, flooding can wreak massive havoc on your home and property. Although it happens mostly when you least expect it, response time is critical. Water removal has to happen quickly if you are to minimize the damage.

Tips for your spring landscape cleaning

On the off chance that you’ve ever gotten yourself appreciating the attention getting maple tree down the road, or the energetic spread of blossoms outside a nearby shop, we’ll wager you’ve pondered, “Can my yard resemble that?”

The answer is, yes! With the right arrangement, you can redo your scene this spring.

Before bouncing into spring scene ventures, however, give your property a fresh start. A full spring cleanup assists with sound development for your present plants and makes the ideal setting for adding new plants to the blend.

Tackle spring cleaning with these tips to spruce up your scene.

Clean the Scene

Expel all trash from your scene. You ought to be paying special mind to old leaves, twigs, fallen products of the soil that waited all through the winter. Manure natural matter at whatever point conceivable.
A Timely Trim

Shape up your trees and bushes by uprooting dead branches and clears out. Make sure to prune before full blossoms to abstain from annoying the plant’s common development.

Rouse Your Flower Beds

Freed your plant beds of uninvited weeds. Include weed control after an exhaustive weeding to give an enduring shield.

Tree Nourishing Needs

When weeds are cleared, mulch keeps them from making a rebound. Add a 2 to 4-inch layer of mulch around plants to smother weeds and keep dampness in the dirt. And if you are just plain lazy then make sure you seek out a good tree service company to get the spring landscaping of your home in order for the summer.

What You Need To Know About Spray Foam Insulation

If you are planning on buying a new spray foam insulation, it is highly recommended to have basic knowledge about the product. Spray foam insulation is one of the best options for home insulation. It is affordable, economical and easy to use and for this reason, many home owners prefer to use the spray foam insulation. When you think about building a new home, one of the major factors to consider is the home insulation. However, planning for home insulation is not as easy as it looks

What is spray polyurethane foam insulation?

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is a synthetic material created from a mixture of both organic and inorganic materials through a chemical reaction. This mixture has a unique way of expanding and can be sprayed through a heated hose into the place that needs to be insulated.

Why is Spray Polyurethane foam popular?

Spray foam is one of the best ways to deal with air leakages in the home or at the workplace. Once sprayed onto the surface, the foam expands to fill up cavities and block any small holes that can affect your buildings temperature. Spray foam insulation can be applied on any surface to create a moisture barrier, block air leakages in perimeter walls and also act as thermal insulation, resulting into lower cost of energy bills. One of the reasons why many home owners opt for the Spray foam insulations is that it is economical, last longer and does not attract insects or rodents. However, there are different kinds of SPF available on the market today to choose from including closed cell foam and open cell foam. Another great reason why this product is becoming increasingly popular is its ability to insulate the house all year round regardless of the season.

Features of Spray foam insulation

  • 100% water blown
  • Thermal control and R-value
  • Durable and cannot be damaged by water
  • Doesn’t shrink
  • Minimize airborne sound transfer

Safety and environmental health concerns

Over the past few years, spray foam insulation has been widely used in both residential and commercial constructions. It is considered to be more energy efficient and cost effective than any other type of insulation. However, despite the fact that the SPF insulation is considered to be environmentally friendly, it can cause several health hazards on the workers and residents. It is a great idea to always wear safety work boots at all times. take a look at the best work boots available www.workbootworx.com. at SPF insulation contains isocyanates, an hazardous chemical that can cause skin and lung sensitizations. Once sensitized, it can possibly lead to asthma and make such an individual develop an allergy to certain chemicals. Exposure to the toxicity of the material used such as isocyanates and other SPF chemicals, during and after installation can cause the following symptoms

  • Asthma
  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Lung damage
  • Skin and eye irritation
  • Stuffy nose
  • Sensitization, among others.

It is therefore advisable to seek the services of a professional for careful installation and to also ensure the product used is safe for insulation

When a building is insulated with polyurethane foam, it reduces energy cost drastically thus allowing you save more in the long run. Majority of spray foam insulation manufacturers on the market today claims that the cost of heating and cooling will be reduced by up to 40%.

Do you have SPF in your home? If No, hire a professional with verified recommendation to help install spray foam insulation. If properly installed, SPF is a one of the best solutions to certain homes that offers helps reduce energy cost

Choosing an Interior and Exterior Stucco Contractor

It is so unlikely that when your project of home improvement requires a stucco contractor in Toronto, you will have the name and number of any contractor stored in your phone. This may be due to the fact that stucco contractors are very rarely needed, bringing about the problem of finding someone with a good reputation. Performing a quick search might yield a good number of contractors from which you must choose one. You will definitely have your criteria for choosing, which you must follow if you are to make a decision that is comfortable and informed.
It is prudent that you invest some time to do a little bit of research before you settle on any contractor. You can start by obtaining a few written estimates from different stucco companies. This may be a tedious process, but it will be worth it in the long run. Furthermore, you don’t wish to invest your money twice on the same job. Any contractor that doesn’t offer the honor your request for the written estimates should definitely not be among your choices. Once you have your list to probable contractors, obtain the following information;

Get to know how many years the contractor has been working to gauge the experience level. The more the experience, the better.
Contact information
Make sure that you verify all the contact information. That include the phone numbers and business address. You want to have a contractor who you can have access to easily.
Check the insurance of the contractor and ensure that it is valid and up-to-date. That should be for both liability coverage and the workplace insurance.
Personal property
Find out the details of the process they will use to clean up and protect your personal property
While the project is being undertaken.
Get a clarification of all inspections, exceptions and warranties related to labor and material.
Performance quality
You can get references from the previous clients of your potential contractor. Find out more about how good their job was and if they would recommend the same contractor to another person.
You also need to know everything in relation to terms and methods of payment. This should generally be within the written estimate offered but if it is not there, do not hesitate to ask.
These guidelines together with your selection criteria should ensure that you end up with a great contractor for you project. A good company to get you started if your in the Toronto area is Toronto Stucco & Stone. 

Is Spray Foam Insulation In Toronto An Economically Efficient Option?

Spray foam insulation has come to be accepted as the very best technique to be adopted for energy conservation. Population round the world is worried about the global warming and everyone is trying to pitch in by trying to save as much energy as possible. As well as the construction industry these days have turned to using it instead of other means.
A research conducted in Toronto has revealed that about 45% of the cooling and heating expense in homes here is wasted through cracks in the walls and roofs, Spray Insulation Toronto eliminates this problem by stopping this we will have the ability to save a substantial sum towards electricity bills and primarily we will be able to conserve a great deal of energy.

How is it going to help in conserving energy?

According to the law of thermodynamics heat always flows from a warmer place to a colder place. So when you are attempting to keep your house heated during the winter months and in case your house has several cracks or openings either in the walls or roof, the heated air in the room is always looking to escape to the cooler outside along with your heaters are having to work overtime to keep up the desired temperature. There is a continuous wastage of power and finally you will receive a bill that burns a hole in your pocket.
It is needed to seal the cracks and openings properly so that there’s absolutely no escape of heat from in the room in winter or hot air from outside entering a cool room during summer months, and for this houses require to be well insulated and that is where they comes into play. By plugging the escape routes with the Polyurethane Foam insulation you will be consuming lesser energy for air conditioning your house and doing your bit to participate in the international plan of energy conservation.

Benefit of spray foam insulation

The structure of the houses are either contracting or expanding with a change in temperatures due to the changing seasons thus spray foam insulation is favored over other traditional insulations since this sort of insulation expands and contracts along with the structure of the house; and this ensures the insulation seal does not break.
Spray foam insulation is, in addition, insect repellent and fire resistant and it is moisture resistant too. So you need not worry about problems like mold growing in the house. A great feature of this insulation is that it neither settles nor shrinks which is excellent for keeping the cracks sealed always.

Does spray foam insulation project require professional management?

The DIY spray foam insulation kits can be found on the marketplace and this is adequate for sealing a couple of small cracks but if the area of application is more that two hundred square feet it is advisable to have a professional to complete the job who understands the process well and can apply the right amount.
Though it is priced higher than the others it’s beneficial in the long term because it is likely to save the homeowner some amount of money towards energy bills, I highly recommended company Spray Foam Kings in Toronto has financing options available which make this, that much more of a smart choice when it comes to your homes heating and cooling. Another company worth looking into for Spray Insulation Sandpoint in Idaho with a ton of really great reviews is ECI.

What I do to maintain my home

Maintaining your home is super important to do on a regular basis. Below I will list of variety of things that I think will help everyone follow, they can help extend the life of your home, appliances,paint, insulation, and many more benefits.


In the winter it is a good habit to get into to and have your furnace’s regularly checked by professional contractors. Winter is a good time also to have the pipes and chimneys check and swept for any dirt or build up. Make sure to always check around your appliances for gas smells or if the wiring is cut anywhere. If your home is cold it might be a good idea to check the insulation. An affordable way to go is the technology of spray foam insulation. It is durable and very affordable and is usually installed in a single day.


This is the best time of year to take a look at your homes lighting. Check all the fixtures and balbs in and out of your homes. Might want to consider hiring an ac specialist this time of year to do a general check up on your homes ac for the coming summer seasons. Most people love this time of year cause they start maintaining the outside of there homes. They trim trees and plant new flowers and gardens to be ready for the summer season.


Have a heating professional check your heating system every year before the winter season. It is important to do this because if not done and you start looking for a local contractor in the winter you will probably end up paying almost double the price as they are usually fully booked in the winter. You should check all the vents for dust and hire a professional to come clean out the duct system around the house.  the eastrophes of a house are something totally overlooked here and can cause damage to the pipes in the house if they are not cleaned out in the fall. In the video below you will see some maintenance tips on keep your home up to par throughout the year.